MegaSpace 3000 NOW HRE!!

Enjoy your life.
Look good, feel good, enjoy it!
Life as sort of an adventure. New kicks, great experiences, glamorous appearances. Big party or megaEvent – anything goes! But first a stopover on the megaSun6800 KirRoyal: Tanning with power, relaxing in style, enjoying your life. An attractive tan from head to toe.
Mega sun equipment is for those that seek optimum results along with hassle free operation.

These state of the art tanning units provide you with advanced comfortable and luxurious climate controlled technology. 


Mega Voice - With the new megaVoice system you can lay back and relax just from the welcome on. A pleasant voice guides you through the manual functions of the sunbed: mistakes impossible, well-being guaranteed.
Pure Air - Pure refreshment in the truest sense of the word, that’s what pureAir has to offer. Ionized, i.e. cleared air reduces the annoying tanning odours and has a vitalizing, bio-positive effect on the whole organism.

Air Con - The high performance air-conditioning system guarantees a pleasant cooling during the tanning session on all megaSun-sunbeds.

iPod Connectivity - Plug in your iPod or Mp3 player and listed toy our own music whilst you tan.

AquaCool - At the touch of a button afine relaxing mist is sprayed across your face ad body to cool and relax you whilst you tan.

Aroma - After the AquaCoolbody mist sprays the MegaSpace 3000 sends an aromatheray smell hrough the cabin to relax you and freshen your body.

Advantage Tubes - Fitted with 52 of the latest high intensity tanning tubes on the market today

MegaSpace 3000 tanning tower at sun centre in middlesbrough 

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