Why use a Tanning Lotion

Get up to 60% more out of your tanning sessions by using a tanning lotion

The answer is simple, indoor tanning lotions give you better results. They are also an important part of tanning responsibly and keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy.

Here are just some of the reasons why tanning lotion is a must-have:

  • Moist skin tans faster and more efficiently, resulting in a better tan in fewer visits
  • Tanning lotions allow for better magnification, giving you maximum results
  • Moisturized skin readily absorbs UV light, while dry skin reflects it
  • Active ingredients supplement your skin's cells with the same proteins that naturally enhance the tanning process
  • A specially formulated tanning lotion can give you a lasting tan by helping retain UV induced melanin longer
  • Tanning lotions supply the skin with nutrients essential for a tan, while keeping your skin moist and healthy
  • UV exposure can dehydrate your skin, and tanning lotions help to replenish moisture lost during your tanning session

There are three main categories of tanning lotion;


Some lotions have a bronzing affect to them. There are two different types of bronzers; cosmetic and natural. Cosmetic bronzers are usually DHA (dihydroxyacetone) based. These bronzers work with the skin to provide a darker cosmetic color. They take approximately 4-6 hours to develop full color. Having a base tan before using a bronzer produces a more natural looking color. Natural bronzers use natural ingredients, such as caramel, riboflavin, etc. These ingredients provide a slight instant boost of color, but will wash off in the shower.

Higher quality natural bronzer lotions will have certain organic ingredients/natural or exotic extracts that aid in the process of tanning (melanin production/oxidization).


The reason these lotions are called tingle tanning is that they give a tingling sensation on your skin after you apply the lotion; hence the name. It’s certainly more intense than other tanning lotions on the market. What the lotion does is bring blood to the skin surface and, essentially, oxygen to affect the skin’s melanin. The more melanin that’s affected, the darker your skin is going to become. Basically the purpose to tingle tanning lotions is to boost the effects of UV rays you expose yourself to when lying in tanning bed.

Yes, your skin is going to be red for approximately one hour after you tan. The redness is similar to a sunburn. However, the redness will fade and you’ll be fine. We do not recommend using a tingle cream on your face.

Non Tingle Enhancers

The use of any tanning lotion will speed up the process of getting a tan. This means that you can get the skin colour you want with less exposure saving you money in the long run. A non tingle enhancer not only helps you achieve a deeper but misturises your skin which prevents your skin from drying out and reflecting the rays during a tanning session. The better condition your skin is in the more readily it performs at developing a tan. Tanning with a lotion is quite simply a more sensible way to tan.

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