Sun Centre | Sun Bed Range
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Sun bed Range

We have the very latest in tanning technology.



Whether you’re a beginner or a regular tanner there is a sunbed here to suit your needs. Our trained salon staff will be happy to guide you through our range.
• Built in radio*
• iPod/MP3 Connectivity
• Cooling fans
• Adjustable cooling fans
• 0.3 Compliant. E.U. Approved




Tan whilst you unwind to the sound of the ocean waves. A gentle breeze from the cooling fans will cool you. Close your eyes and this really could rival those exotic holidays.

  • 3 facial tanners
  • Adjustable cooling fan
  • Hot air extraction
  • iPod/MP3 connectivity*

How Much does it cost?

Click here for current price.

Add a tanning cream to boost your tan. Click here for a range of creams to suit your style.



These state of the art tanning units provide you with advanced tanning technology in a comfortable and luxurious air-conditioned environment.

  • 4 facials
  • Adjustable Air-conditioning
  • P2 Vitamin D tubes
  • Adjustable AquaCool body mist
  • Built in MP3 Music
  • iPod/MP3 connectivity
  • Recommended for advanced tanners


The ultimate in vertical tanning. More tubes, more power and most importantly more UV rays.

  • Adjustable Air-Conditioning
  • Built in mp3
  • Bluetooth music connectivity
  • Calming Colour change LED



How Much does it cost?

Click here for current prices.

*You are responsible for your own tanning Treatment. Only one tanning session in a 24 hour period. If any redness remains from the previous session leave another 24 hours before your next tanning session. It is against the law for anybody under the age of 18 to use the tanning equipment. Always use UV rated tanning goggles.